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Welcome to lessons for Fall 2017!

This registration form is for returning and new students. Your online registration will be complete with payment of your deposit via PayPal. Please note this deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to your fall tuition.

Part 1: Your Information

Part 2: Lesson Schedule

Part 3: Group Schedule

All group classes will take place on Thursday afternoons in the Orchestra Room at the Waldorf School.

Part 4: Policy

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Studio Policy 2017-2018
Last updated 8/18/2017

By registering your child with me for lessons and group classes, you agree to be bound by this studio policy.

Practice and listening

All students are expected to practice and listen every day. Families who wish to be a part of my studio must make a commitment to daily practice and listening appropriate to the age and level of the student.


Students are expected to attend each lesson, group class, rehearsal, and recital. Those who are too frequently absent will be asked to find a different teacher.

Fees and Payment
Tuition for 34 weeks:
30’ lesson $1394 ($41 x 34) + 45’ group class $510 ($15 x 34) = $1904.00
45’ lesson $2074 ($61 x 34) + 45’ group class $510 ($15 x 34) = $2584.00
60’ lesson $2754 ($81 x 34) + 45’ group class $510 ($15 x 34) = $3264.00
Recital fee, per student $35.00

The balance of payment for lessons and group class fees is due by September 1 2016. You will receive an invoice upon registration. Payment may be made 1)In full (cash or check preferred), or 2)by remitting 10 post-dated checks for the entire school year. Payment for 34 teaching weeks is prorated to 10 equal payments.

Cancellations and Make-up Lessons
Student Absences: Families are entitled to one excused absence (for any reason) that will be made up during the final week of school (the Make-Up Week). An absence is excused when 24 hours notice is given by phone or email. No refunds or credits will be given for other student absences. In the event of scheduling conflict, families are encouraged to exchange lesson times with another student. Failing this, with enough advance notice, I can often reschedule a student’s lesson subject to my availability.
Inclement Weather: In the event an emergency or inclement weather, I may cancel lessons. Lessons at all locations will be cancelled if the Waldorf School of Lexington is closed. I will re-schedule only one lesson per school year due to emergency or inclement weather per year, for a different day as soon as possible after school re-opens.
Make-up lessons: A canceled make-up lesson cannot be rescheduled.
Teacher Absences: On occasion, my performance schedule obliges me to reschedule lessons. Teacher absences will be rescheduled.


On occasion, I may create or use photo or video material on the internet or on social media in connection with publicizing and marketing my violin teaching services. In no event will any child be personally identified. If you prefer not to have your student included in this material, please inform me in writing (email is fine.)

Pickup and Dismissal
Children grade 6 and younger may not be dismissed from my teaching room unless accompanied by his or her parent, or with written consent to another responsible adult or specific destination. Children grade 7 and older may be dismissed on their own. Please advise me of your dismissal plan for students grade 7 and older.

In the event that a family wishes to discontinue lessons, the family must give 1 month's notice in advance, and will be responsible for that month's fee. Further advance payments will be returned or refunded. If a students quits mid-year, I need this time to adjust my teaching schedule. Furthermore, the student should be given the opportunity to wrap up the experience with me, so that we can end the relationship productively.

Part 5: Payment

Tuition deposit for 2017-2018 lessons and groups: $200 per student

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