Suzuki Program



Welcome to the Suzuki Violin Studio of Gabriel Solomon. I teach Suzuki violin lessons and group classes, lead a fiddle band, and coach small ensembles and musical groups. I am currently seeking families to join my Suzuki Studio in Woburn/Lexington, MA. New lessons and group classes will begin in September 2017. To learn more about my teaching or to schedule a lesson, please  contact me.


My goal is for each child to have the best possible experience of music. I aim to provide each individual with a keen sense of musicianship, excellent technical skills, a deep understanding of the beauty of musical tone, and a means to self-expression and personal excellence.


Many, many thanks… After the audition, the music coordinator was blown away by the improvement in her technique and musicality since last year. She went on and on, encouraging her to audition for the orchestra program for next fall, specifically citing that she was perfectly set up to take off with new music, and asked that I pass on compliments to you. Our family and the school community are so very fortunate to have you as a music leader.” – Ann, mother of 10-year old

Gabriel is a fabulous teacher. He has a gentle, patient, encouraging approach with beginners under which they thrive, while with older children he shifts responsibility gradually onto them for their improvement and progress. He makes sure that they enjoy it, with appropriate musical games, analogies, and exercises that lead to bigger music pieces. I recommend Gabriel as a great teacher because his own playing has inspired my girls to aim higher and practice longer, because he makes lessons playful, and because his enthusiasm keeps me motivated to better support my daughters.” – Marianne, mother of 9-year old and 7-year old

“Gabriel has helped our daughter learn the correct way to play the violin, be inspired by success, and cultivate a tremendous appreciation for music. With caring, quiet precision and constant positive reinforcement, he led our daughter from learning how to stand (still!), to holding a bow, to performing in front of her peers with unflappable confidence. By making lessons and practicing a family activity, he has also brought a lot of joy to us as well as our child. He is a kind, talented, and engaging teacher and musician and our daughter loves him.” – Jessica, mother of 6-year-old

“I highly recommend Gabriel. He is a creative, energetic and thoughtful teacher and inspires in my son a deeper love of music, patience and dedication with daily practice, and courage and pride in performing for recitals. His lessons are filled with guidance and instruction, and also with laughter, passion, stories and friendship. In two years of weekly lessons with Gabriel, my son has built a solid foundation on the viola, enjoying both the process of learning and the results of his efforts. He is learning the value of good daily habits, the importance of preparation, the power of commitment, and the joy of sharing, all at the hands of an inspired and accomplished music teacher.” Christine, mother of 12-year-old

More about me

I began the study of the violin at age three. As a kid, I loved the beauty and brilliance of music. I remember being enchanted by the haunting and beautiful sounds of Vivaldi concertos and Handel violin sonatas. I also studied the piano and the trumpet, and took up the viola as a teenager for a life-changing european orchestral tour. I played or sang in every ensemble that I could, and I loved the intensity of playing music with others. Since then, I have worked intensively in string quartets, new music ensembles, orchestras, and more recently in jazz and improvisational ensembles.

I love teaching kids to discover the qualities of music that affect me so deeply and mean so much to me, from the smallest detail of technique to the broadest significance of expression. To learn the meaning of music is a gift that was given to me, and I am compelled to pass it on to children, who can appreciate music better than anyone in some ways. I want my students to discover the tone of the violin and how beautiful it is. I want to show my students that you can have more fun and find satisfaction by playing. Most of all, I want to teach kids the kinds of experiences they can have by themselves and with other people through making music.