Fiddle Band Workshop 2016

fiddlebandworkshopFiddle Band Workshop
Saturday October 8 1:30-5:30

On Saturday I hosted a fiddle band workshop featuring visiting fiddle band the Group of Seven, led by violinist and longtime friend and colleague Denny Goertz. Denny and his group are based in Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada. The workshop took place at The Waldorf School of Lexington.

We prepared fiddle music from Canada, Norway, Finland, and elsewhere, during two sessions, followed by a short performance. Players were gourd into two bands based on level, although we performed several pieces all together. The concert featured both groups separately and together, as well as a duo performance by Denny and myself.

We had a blast! Thanks to Denny, his students, and all students and families who participated. Here are some photos: